Kakao Fino

Cacao fino de Guatemala S.A.


Single-origin fine cocoa straight from the Finca

Finest cocoa of the “Indio Rojo / Mayan Red” variety from Guatemala: Our cocoa trees grow at two large Fincas, located in the north-east of Guatemala – in the heart of Central America close to the Honduran border. Shaded by the canopy of tall trees and without the use of artificial pesticides and fertilisers, the organic cocoa fruit are left to ripen naturally, developing their characteristic aromas over many days.

Our business model – a family affair

We’re a big family with origins all over the world and family members scattered across the globe. The two Fincas in Guatemala are managed by the local branch of the family, whereas exports to Germany are looked after by the German-Guatemalan members.

Choice Cocoa

What makes it so special

Our cocoa beans are of the Criollo variety. The Criollo bean is considered the finest of all cocoa varieties, as it contains barely any bitter compounds, has a pleasant fruity sweetness and very low acidity.



The cocoa beans are harvested in Guatemala, carefully fermented and subsequently sun-dried, all by hand. The beans are transported by sea from Puerto Santo Tomás de Castilla to Hamburg and offered to selected chocolate makers for further processing – either from bean-to-bar or into cocoa mass.

The Fincas

In the lap of nature

Our Fincas – “Don Peter” and “Virginia” – are located in the south-east of Guatemala, not far from the border to Honduras. Our cocoa trees are exposed to ideal growing conditions, thriving on the slopes of the valley carved out by Guatemala’s longest river – the Rio Motagua – on its journey to the Caribbean Sea.


60 kg in the drum

Today Marsha and Christoph will roast 60 kg of the cocoa beans together with Martin Stiegler from FrankenGenuss.

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Let's go to the "Schokoladengourmet Festival"

Today, Marsha and Christoph are going to Hannover for the "Chocolate Gourmet Festival".

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Tortiglioni with Oxtail

The pinch of cocoa gives the special touch. Preparation time 30 minutes, Cooking time 3:30 hours

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Pumpkin Soup with Umami Chocolate

Pumpkin and chocolate in a delicious combination. Preparation time 20 min, Cooking time 1:10 hours

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