Back to Middle Franconia

Today we are going from the world city of Hamburg back to the peaceful and provincial Middle Franconia. The return journey is not as exhausting as yesterday's journey, since it is no longer raining. But due to many construction sites and increased traffic due to the holiday season, the trip takes a good seven hours. On the way we get a call from DHL Express that a shipment from Guatemala arrived at the airport in Leipzig for us. It is a large box containing fresh cocoa beans with fruit pulp, as well as dried cocoa beans. In order for DHL to carry out the customs clearance, various forms must be completed and an EORI number applied to the General Directorate. We are promised to send the appropriate forms by e-mail, which we should then send back as soon as possible after our return. In addition, it would be sufficient for customs clearance if we provide DHL with proof that we have requested the EORI number. Christoph will do everything immediately after returning to Cadolzburg so that there is no delay in the delivery of the package with the fresh product.

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