With Michael Beck in Munich

Today, another customer visit is being held: Marsha and Christoph are going to Munich for Michael Beck.

Beck's Cocoa produces only drinking cocoa, but from the very best! Since he offers, among other things, cocoa from Tanzania and Peru, our cocoa from Guatemala fits perfectly into its range of country cocoas. Michael Beck is very enthusiastic about our beans, but also about the pepper, the chilis and the Ron Zacapa, which we brought along. We sit in his kitchen and make a sensory journey through the world of pepper and chilies, since he also owns a few rarities. All in all a very interesting morning in an absolutely pleasant environment.

Mr. Beck is so enthusiastic about our pepper from Guatemala that he helps us to a spontaneous appointment at the Munich Spice Mill Nebona Here the pepper is praised very much as well, but at the same time we are pointed out the difficulties that the trade in spices - especially pepper - brings with it. Well - we want to focus on cocoa anyway ...

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