KAKAO at the Brandenburger Tor

Marsha and Christoph start after a very good breakfast in the direction of Cantianstrasse, to meet Holger again before their return trip to Mittelfranken and we discuss our further cooperation. Here we also meet a friend of Holger. Leon studies agricultural sciences with the focus on cocoa cultivation and spent already 9 months in Bolivia on a cocoa farm. Leon is very enthusiastic about our history and our cocoa and would like to go next year to our fincas in Guatemala for an internship. We will discuss it promptly with our family.

After saying good-bye to our new friends in Berlin, we take a short tour in Berlin to take a few photos of the city's hot spots.

The return trip is very time-consuming, because of the many construction sites and the simultaneous holiday situation it always comes to long traffic jams. The distance can be covered under normal circumstances in 4.5 hours, we need this time almost 8 hours. HOORAY!!

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