In Kuhn's experimental kitchen

Today it is time again to experiment in Kuhn's kitchen. We want to see if we can not do something with the cocoa beans, which have been fermented by the failure of DHL. For this we have already placed 2 days ago the beans in the dehydrator machine to dry them. We are basically trying to reproduce the fermentation and drying process. The dried beans are roasted in the oven and then peeled by hand. The result is a perfectly usable strong and bitter taste in the beans. Let's see how the chocolate turn out to be we are going to make from it.

In the evening there is once again a princely meal: Dry Aged Roastbeef, seasoned with TvbS (= Tally's very best Spice) and cocoa butter and finally smoked in the smoke of cocoa shells.

Gosh – that was really delicious...

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