Guatemala meets Gonnersdorf

Again a chocolate test production in the domestic kitchen of the Kuhn family. This time Marsha and Christoph produce a chocolate with hazelnuts from Gonnersdorf. Gonnersdorf is part of the municipality of Cadolzburg, where Marsha and Christoph now live. There is the farm of the family Stiegler and the hazelnut roastery Franken GeNuss run by their son Martin Stiegler. Martin applies the hazelnuts which he processes exclusively from his own plantation, as well as from small hazelnut farmers from the Franconian region. In search of a suitable storage space for our cocoa, which they are expecting in July, Marsha and Christoph asked Martin whether they can accommodate it. Since hazelnuts require similar storage conditions like cocoa, that would be ideal. In the conversation with Martin, all participants find that there are further starting points for a cooperation beyond the storage of the cocoa. Martin does not only roast his hazelnuts, but also processes them into extraordinarily interesting products. Among them, tasty nougat chocolates made from Felchlin cocoa mass. Since he has the machine equipment for the production of chocolate, we decide a test production in July / August, as soon as our cocoa is in the country.

If we succeed, we are in the very exclusive league of the few tree-to-bar manufacturers worldwide - and not just with the cocoa beans, but also with the hazelnut. Guatemala meets Gonnersdorf!

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