Flight fermentation

On July 17th, 2017, Jeffrey launched a package with DHL Express, which contained vacuumed fresh beans and dried cocoa beans. For safety reasons, he has fitted large cooling elements, so that the sensitive cargo can reach well-preserved in Germany. DHL Express gives a transport promise of 3 days, which was hold until Leipzig. There the package lays 14 days. And this in a nice weather period with temperatures over 30 ° Celsius. Christoph telephones with DHL every 2 days and it turns out that the world's largest logistics group failed with our delivery all along the line. The first problem arose during the customs clearance, as DHL had declared goods samples with a total weight of 23 kg to the customs authorities. The customs refused, because the consignment for a sample of goods was much too heavy. The package contained only cocoa beans with a total weight of just 6kg, together with box and cooling elements it weighed 12kg. After Christoph had clarified this, the package was not sent to us, but stored at DHL in Leipzig. Reason: DHL is currently being flooded with shipments, because hackers attacked the IT systems of competitors and now the "whole world" sends by DHL. To cut a long story short: the package finally arrived today in Cadolzburg! The interested reader can get a view of the condition of the cocoa beans by means of the photos. The beans have begun to ferment inside the plastic bags, so that the bags have become very bloated and were short before to burst. That would have been a big mess. Thanks to DHL Express !!

By the way, this delivery cost us a staggering 400.- US dollars.

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