Felchlin's cocoa bean type test

The next highlight: Today we got the result of Felchlin's cocoa bean type test. 13 examiners have thoroughly tested the cocoa and it is getting a score of 3.7 out of 5 possible. To this end, its market opportunities are valued at 100%. This is fantastic !!

Christoph has developed a PR campaign with which we want to make the brand "KAKAO - Cacao Fino de Guatemala" better known. We will sponsor the "Hops of Deliverance" team around Alex Schwab and Tom Klöber from Heideck, who will join the Rallye Baltic Sea Circle With our logo we get a very prominent place on both sides of the Benz directly under the starting numbers. The rally leads through 10 countries around the Baltic Sea - and we are also there!

A heartfelt thanks to Alex, who provides us with a printable vector file of our logo.

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