The Champion Juicer as a cracker

Today, the CJ has to prove itself in constant use. We want to crack the 20 kg cocoa beans and for this we need about 1.5 hours. After that we are going to Martin Stiegler, because we want to separate the shells and nibs in his roasting drum with the help of the attached cyclone. The cyclone sucks air out of the drum and we hope that it will draw also the shells with it. The principle is already working, but: The problem are the small nibs and the dust, which threatens to block different parts of the roasting drum, so that the subsequent effort for cleaning the machine is too big. In addition, we want to avoid damaging the drum by this process, so we quit the test after 2 kg beans. Now we have to find as soon as possible an alternative way to process the beans. Christoph had already researched a long time ago the topic "machines for the craft production of chocolate" and in this connection he had encountered the Swiss chocolate maker Fabian Rehmann. He produces not only chocolate, he also offers appropriate workshops and seminars. In addition, he distributes exactly the machines we need: a cracker that breaks the beans in variable size and a winnower to separate nibs and shells. So we order both machines immediately.

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