Chocolate with fermentation flavor

Marsha and Christoph have inserted the cocoa nibs, which they have dried on 26th of June 2017, into a chocolate. A very interesting taste, the fermentation aroma is clearly recognizable and makes itself felt pleasantly in the chocolate. Of course only for someone who likes something like that.

Also today is the last day of the Baltic Sea Circle rally, Alex and Tom are back in Hamburg. Congratulations, you have come so well around the "pond". Here are the statistics:
- Total length of 9,420 km
- Rally distance 8.054 km
- pure driving time approx. 160 hours (incl. Piss and short snack breaks)
- Gasoline consumption 1,101.42 liters (= 11.7 liters in average)
- Oil consumption approx. 6 liters
- 2 repairs (1x turn signal and 1x wash water)

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