Berlin, Berlin, we are going to Berlin!!

A great day joins the next one - Marsha and Christoph are going to Berlin to supply the first customer with our cocoa. We leave at 8:00 am from Cadolzburg, since we have agreed with Holger a meeting at 13 - 14:00 o' clock. In contrast to the trip to Hamburg, the weather this time is nice, but also on the highway in the direction to Berlin is one construction site to the other. We arrive at Holger's home at 2 pm and we are very kindly received by him and his 10 years old son Navid. After a get-to-know briefing and a shoptalk, we are travelling to his business partner Christoph to Berlin Kreuzberg, where three bags of cocoa are being stored. Christoph lives in a multi-storey house on the top floor including the attic. We are served with coffee and cake and then drive to the Cafe Winterfeldt, where Holger still has to deliver chocolate. After a short stop at our hotel, we head to the nearby Holzmarkt with Holger and Navid to enjoy the evening sun with a glass of beer on the Spree. There is also the restaurant Katerschmaus, where we have an excellent supper. A truly worthy final to a nice day with our customer N ° 0101 !!

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